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People usually love their belongings, mostly because they paid good money to purchase them. However, other people seem not to know how the economy works and steal other people’s things without thinking of the consequences. But that is alright because we learned how to protect our things. We either insure them, or if the situation allows, we buy alarms. Even so, each year there are thousands of motorcycle thefts.

BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System
compatible with multiple motorcycles
the wiring will work for motorcycles that have AC ignition
highly efficient electronic security system
GHB YOHOOLYO Anti Theft Security Alarm
the lock is sturdy, and it will last a very long time
the alarm is extremely loud. The dB level is at 120
the motion sensor is very sensitive
Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm
ultra compact so that nobody can find it
the system uses three highly sensitive sensors
the direct-to-battery installation is easy

Alarms are the closest thing we have to a ‘cry wolf’ situation. We put them in our houses, on our cars, and even on our motorcycles, which brings us to the point. Motorcycle alarms are a bit different from cars because there is an entirely different system. With car alarms, as long as the doors stay closed and nobody is forcing them open, we are good. Just stating the obvious here, but motorcycles do not have doors. That is why the alarms had to be adapted.

Types of motorcycle alarms

There is more than one way to get somewhere is it not? The same principle is used with motorcycle alarms as well. There are several designs on the market. However, there are two which are most common.

  1. The one that makes a sound – you may be familiar with this one. Everyone has such an alarm on their cars. Whenever the car is forced, or if something hits it, the alarm turns on and makes an awfully loud sound. It is the same with motorcycle alarms. Whenever the alarm is activated, any unauthorized movement will enable a sound that exceeds 120 dB. If you do not know how loud that is, just imagine that 120 dB is the human voice at its loudest. It is like someone is screaming from their lungs as loud as possible. You cannot not hear it. It is annoying in the night, you may get yelled at by your neighbors, but at least you still have your
  2. The silent alarm – this one does not make a sound. The thief will not know unless there is some visual. However, the alarm uses a transmitter that lets you know your motorcycle is being stolen. The signal can be sent either on your phone or remote. Either way, you can get immediate assistance from the authorities and get back your vehicle.

Apart from those two categories, there is another way to label motorcycle alarms. They are as follows:

  1. 2-way remotes – this is particularly useful when you park your motorcycle further away from you. For example, let’s say that you are going to the mall. You park your motorcycle in the parking lot, and then you go in. There is no way you can hear the alarm from inside the mall. However, you leave one remote with the motorcycle, and the other you take with you. As long as the two remotes are in the established range, you will know precisely what is going on. If anything happens, you can take immediate action.
  2. Sensors – we live in the golden age of sensors, so why wouldn’t it be applicable in alarms, right? This is the most common motorcycle alarm on the market, and the most popular.How does it work? Simple. The shock sensor will go off whenever someone moved the bike all of a sudden. The tilt sensor will let you know whenever someone is slightly tilting the bike, the current sensor will alert you if the engine is started, and the location sensor uses GPS and goes off when the bike has moved its position. Simple as that.

In most cases, it does not matter which type of motorcycle alarm you choose. As long as you have a security system, your bike should be safe. After all, that is what you are looking for, right?

What to consider when looking for the best motorcycle alarm

The worst thing you could do when looking for a motorcycle alarm is to buy the first product that pops up in a search. There are a few things that you should consider first, which is why you should educate yourself.

  • Compatibility – not all motorcycle alarms are compatible with any motorcycle you may have. You need the read the specifications carefully and establish compatibility. That is because some alarms may not go with the electric system or some of them may prove to be difficult to install. Not all motorcycles have the same ignition type. Instead of struggling to install the wrong alarm, which may lead to a malfunction, you should buy an alarm that is compatible with your bike. Otherwise, you may invest in a security system and still have your bike stolen. That can easily be avoided by paying a little bit of attention.
  • Type – only you can establish which type you want. However, think of a few things before making a purchase, like where is your usual parking spot, or are you going to be too far away from your motorcycle to hear the alarm. These details can make the difference between you saving your bike from a theft and filing a police complaint. I would say it is a pretty easy choice.
  • Elements-resistant – keep in mind that your bike may sometimes be out in the rain. For that reason, you should make sure that the alarm system you buy is water-resistant, rust-resistant, and every other ‘resistant’ you can get your hands on. After all, an alarm is an investment, and you do not want to lose it at the first rain.
  • Construction – always avoid cheap knockoffs made of low-quality plastic. They can break easily, and your bike is easy to hijack. As long as the alarm is sturdy, you should have nothing to worry about.
  • Power supply – this is a matter of choice. You either can go for a model that is connected directly to the motorcycle’s battery, or you can choose a model with replaceable batteries. If you go for the latter, make sure that the alarm tells you when the batteries are low and need replacing.
  • Emergency alarm – this feature will let you know when the power supply of the alarm has been cut off. In other words, you will know if someone is trying to steal your bike by cutting the power supply.

Keep in mind that no matter what alarm system you choose, it has to be installed by a professional. Many people who own bikes know many things about installing a security system, but if you have no idea what you are doing, you can still end up with a stolen motorcycle. It is best to spend a few extra dollars on installation than to lose the motorcycle altogether.

What are the best motorcycle alarms?

If you still have doubts over which alarm to purchase, so not worry. A lot of people are where you are right now. For that reason, I put together three excellent models from three different manufacturers. They are entirely affordable, and they will do an excellent job of protecting your ‘baby.’

BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System

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The BlueFire alarm is compatible with multiple motorcycles. It works with Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson or any other motorcycle with 12/24 Volts batteries. Also, you must keep in mind that the wiring will work for motorcycles that have AC ignition. If you have a different ignition mode on your motorcycle, the wiring may be slightly different. That is why the manufacturer recommends that a professional installs the system, not yourself.

This model is a highly efficient electronic security system that will keep thieves away from your motorcycle. It comes with a variety of features that will prevent theft and will make you feel safe whenever you leave your bike unattended. These features include automatic remote engine start and an adjustable shock sensor. The arming and disarming can be done remotely, and the alarm itself is a flashing light warning and a 125 dB siren warning. It is impossible not to hear it.

One of the features that make this alarm system one of the best is the emergency alarm. It is an anti-hijacking system that will prevent the thief from running away with your motorcycle by cutting off the power supply. Thousands of thieves use this mode of operation. It is a brilliant feature that, in my opinion, should be adopted by all alarm systems. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

GHB YOHOOLYO Anti Theft Security Alarm

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Unlike most alarm systems for motorcycles, the GHB model is made entirely out of metal. As far as durability goes, there is no question about it. The lock is sturdy, and it will last a very long time. Nobody can take it off without the key. The kit comes with two keys just so you have a spare. Although I recommend it for motorcycles, it can be used on bicycles, scooters, or any other vehicle that has wheels with spikes or holes.

The alarm is extremely loud. The dB level is at 120 so that you cannot miss it. The measure of the locking pin is 7 mm, and thanks to its design, you can set it in any position you feel comfortable. The motion sensor is very sensitive, but it has a 5-second delay. As you can expect from a sturdy piece of metal, the GHB alarm system is rust resistant, it can resist extreme weather conditions, it cannot be physically destroyed, and it is waterproof.

The kit includes 1 disk, 2 keys, and one Allen key. The latter can be used to unscrew the four screws at the back of the device. Although installation is easy, the manufacturer recommends that it is made by a trained professional. Click here to buy on Amazon

Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm

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Looking at the price, you can immediately tell that this security system is something above the other two alarms I described above. It is a 2-way remote system that will prevent theft in one of the best ways possible. It is ultra compact so that nobody can find it. Not easily, at least. You have multiple options when it comes to positioning, which is why so many people prefer this product above others.

The alarm has a powerful 120 dB sound, but the interesting part is the silent alarm. Thanks to the 2-way remote system, you do not have to be near the motorcycle to hear the alarm. The pager you keep on you when the alarm is activated will receive a signal even if you are half a mile away from the transmitter. You can safely park anywhere, you do not have to worry about your bike.

The system uses three highly sensitive sensors. There is an internal tilt sensor that will go off once the bike is slightly tilted, a 2-stage shock sensor that will sense any sudden movement (this one is adjustable,), and a current sensor that will go off when the engine is started. Above all that, there is a LED warning light that will let you know when the alarm has been activated, but at the same time, it will scare off any thief. The direct-to-battery installation is easy. It should not take more than half an hour, and there are no special tools required. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Readin about motorcycle alarms I have reached a simple conclusion. The better the alarm, the safer the motorcycle is. From where I stand, I think that the Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm is one of the best motorcycle alarms on the market. It is true that its price is a bit higher than your regular alarm system, but I think it is worth it.


Keeping our things safe is no longer a challenge. Thanks to modern technology we can protect out belongings effortlessly. A motorcycle makes no difference, and one of the three alarms described above will do an excellent job. All you have to do is make a choice. Click here to buy on Amazon

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